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Transporting cannabis or cannabis-related products can be a time-consuming exercise. First, there is the certification and regulatory paperwork to complete. Then there may be customs requirements to navigate, which will differ from one destination to the next.


At CannaEx Trades, we’re experienced in shipping cannabis worldwide. We offer a range of cannabis products and can also provide the certificates, services and advice to get your shipment exactly where you want it with the minimum of fuss.

Cannabis Products for Import/Export

We offer an extensive range of cannabis products, some of which you can only access via our exclusive partnerships with industry suppliers.

Cannabis Seeds

At CannaEx Trades, we offer high-quality genetics in various categories, including bespoke strains, regular, feminised, automatic, fast-flowering, premium hemp cultivars and CBD-rich.

We offer high-quality, stable, quad-grade genetics. All our cannabis seeds comply with strict industry regulations and meet all required quality standards. We can offer many of the world’s best-known strains as well as new varieties that are destined to become classics.

If you have some specific requirements in mind, we can also offer a bespoke genetics service to create your own strains. All our seeds are discounted when bought in bulk. The larger your order, the more you can expect to reduce your genetics spending.

Learn more about our Cannabis Genetics.


We work closely with licensed cannabis flower producers and can support you through the process of purchase, certification and import/export. 

We have an extensive global network of trusted and approved buyers, and we utilise various global cannabis trading platforms. Our expert team can secure you the best products and deals in THC flower, CBD flower and hemp.

Everything we offer has been fully lab-tested and meets all relevant industry standards. You can choose from hundreds of different strains with a variety of THC and CBD levels.

Learn more about Cannabis Distribution or CBD Wholesale.


At CannaEx Trades, we also provide a range of expertly produced cannabis and CBD extracts. They can be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes or can be infused with cosmetics and food products, including supplements. 

Our CBD extracts are precisely designed to meet local regulations for CBD products. The extracts can be used in products such as oils, capsules, gummies and balms.

All our extracts, like the rest of our cannabis products, are independently lab-tested and comply with industry regulations and standards. 

Certification for Import and Export

To legally import or export cannabis, cannabis seeds or cannabis products, they must be accompanied by the correct documentation. Preparing the proper affidavit and request forms can be time-consuming when you’ve never done it before. At CannaEx Trades, we’ve completed this process hundreds of times and can help you submit the correct documents to ensure that all shipping and processing goes smoothly.

Phytosanitary Certificate 

A phytosanitary certificate is a legal document that demonstrates that any shipment of plant products meets the phytosanitary import standards of the country they’re being exported to. This is necessary to show that the seeds have been properly inspected, they’re free from pests and disease and they meet the plant health requirements of the destination country.

Learn more about Phytosanitary Certificates.

Common Agricultural Policy 

We are one of very few UK companies to hold a CAP license. It allows us to legally and compliantly import cannabis and hemp seeds into the UK. If one of our seed imports is inspected by customs, it will be released without issue. 

Learn more about our Common Agricultural Policy license.

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a document that legally declares in which country the product was sourced or manufactured. They must be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporting country and include a brief product description, the name of the country of origin and its destination.  

Learn more about Certificates of Origin.

Certificates of Analysis

Our account with Fera Science allows us to arrange for any of the many scientific tests required to import and export cannabis seeds. They can test for most diseases or contaminants required by the destination country for legal agricultural import.

Learn more about our partnership with Fera Science.

Specialist Shipping

We offer specialist shipping through our partner company, Expect Logistics. They are experts in international shipment solutions and have decades of experience in transporting cannabis-related items.

Customs restrictions and legal requirements can make it challenging to prevent wasting time and money, but Expect Logistics will provide a bespoke service to get your product from A to B as smoothly as possible.

Learn more about Expect Logistics.

I am the founder and MD of a pharmaceutically focused medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company. I have personally been dealing with Paul from CannaEx Trades since 2019. CannaEx Trades are the most professional genetics company I have come across to date. Their overall service, range of genetics and knowledge of import/export processes are second to none. We are delighted to be working with CannaEx and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sharon Bentley ( Medical Cannabis Australia (MCA) )

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