CBD Wholesale

At CannaEx Trades, we work closely with licensed producers and cultivators to bring a range of CBD products to market. We can connect you with various products and services to get you started in the rapidly growing CBD and hemp industry.

We regularly distribute a range of these products, including:

  • CBD flower
  • CBD extracts
  • Hemp cultivars
  • CBD-rich cannabis seeds

Our expert team at CannaEx Trades will negotiate on your behalf, securing the best possible deals. Our legal team is there to ensure that sales agreements safeguard your interests. This will all be completed in the strictest confidence.

We closely follow all relevant market trends and offer consultation about what products will be in demand for the year ahead.

Licensed Producers

We work with many international companies that hold the necessary licenses to grow hemp and produce legal CBD products. We can introduce you to sales teams, get you access to exclusive deals and help you through each stage of purchase, transportation and retail.

If you intend to grow your own hemp and are looking to meet the legal requirements to become a licensed producer, we can assist you in the process and guide you in achieving the standards needed to achieve Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

Flower Products

We can provide high-quality hemp flowers through our range of partners and trading platforms. We work with some of the world’s premier producers and can find the best products and deals to suit your needs.

Everything we offer has been fully lab-tested and meets all relevant industry standards.

CBD Extracts

CannaEx Trades also provide a range of extracts that are expertly produced to meet local regulations for CBD products. The extracts can be used in products such as oils, capsules, gummies and balms.

These expertly created extracts can be selected to meet a variety of requirements, whether you are looking for a specific cannabinoid profile or need to meet strict local regulations. Like the rest of our CBD products, all our extracts are independently lab-tested and comply with industry regulations and standards.

Hemp and CBD-rich Seeds

At CannaEx Trades, we offer high-quality hemp and CBD-rich seeds. We work with some of the world’s best breeders to offer a premium selection of hardy hemp cultivars. Each variety has been bred to fully comply with regulations and standards. They can be used to produce oils, extracts, distillates, isolates, fibre, and CBD-rich flowers.

If you prefer, you can also opt for CBD-rich cannabis seeds. We can offer several quad-grade strains with CBD levels ranging from 7% to 15%. This range has been designed particularly for large-scale commercial croppers and has been chosen for its predictable and reliable traits.

We understand the importance of transparency and quality, which is why all our seeds come with a certificate of analysis.

Trading Platforms

We can offer access to all the top cannabis trading platforms that include hemp and CBD products. In addition, we also have our own global network of buyers and sellers.

Whether you’re looking for raw materials or finished products, we can show you where to get the best deals. Also, if you’ve just started out as a grower, we can help you connect with a consortium of buyers who will be ready and waiting to purchase your final product in all formats.



Despite being a relatively new industry, CBD products still need a range of licenses and certificates. These documents are essential to demonstrate that you’re operating legally and that your products meet the necessary quality standards.

When you work with CannaEx Trades, we will ensure that you have all the necessary documents for each stage of purchase and transport.

This includes:


Startup Advice

With our decades of industry experience, we understand that running a CBD business can be challenging. We can offer you advice on every necessary step, introduce you to our partner companies and recommend helpful services and products such as:

We are working with CannaEx Trades on various projects in the United Kingdom and other territories. They are our partners of choice because of their ethical, scientific and professional approach to solving the challenges the industry faces in bringing social and economic benefits of the cannabis plant to the wider community.

Ricardo Gili (CEO) ( MM Genetics )

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