A freight-forwarding company with expertise in shipping cannabis seeds internationally.


Expect Logistics


Who are they?

Expect Logistics is a Kent-based company offering international shipment solutions. They are a family-run team who have been transporting goods for over 30 years.


Why use Expect Logistics?

Transporting seeds and products can be one of the most challenging aspects of any cannabis company. Customs restrictions and legal requirements can make it difficult to prevent wasting time and money.

Expect Logistics can handle this for you; they’re experienced in transporting cannabis-related items and can provide a bespoke service to get your product from A to B as smoothly as possible.


Who are Expect Logistics' services for?

The services provided by Expect Logistics are best suited to anyone needing to transport cannabis seeds or similar items internationally. Their expertise makes them particularly suited to large loads and or bulky items.


How can we help?

  • We are an exclusive partner.
  • CannaEx understands how to navigate complex procedures with shipping cannabis.
  • We have access to exclusive discounts.
  • We can organise the entire process on your behalf.

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