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To legally import cannabis seeds they must be accompanied by the correct documentation. This includes Certificates of Origin that have been stamped by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporting country.

Preparing the correct affidavit and request forms can be time-consuming when you’ve never done it before. At CannaEx Trades, we’ve completed this process hundreds of times and can help you submit the correct documents to ensure a successful application.

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What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin is a document that legally declares in which country the product was sourced or manufactured. It includes a brief product description, the name of the country of origin and its destination. These details allow the importing country to decide which, if any, taxes should be applied to it.

Some certificates also include information specific to the country of import such as any specific requirements or levies. Certificates of Origin are prepared and signed by the exporter and notarised with an official stamp by a representative of the Chamber of commerce of the exporting country.

A Certificate of Origin is necessary to show:

  • That the shipment has been reviewed by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Which country the goods originated from.
  • Which taxes should be applied by the importing country.


When is a Certificate of Origin Required?

A Certificate of Origin is a requirement by some customs authority reviewing your shipment during import. They must be completed correctly, signed and notarised for your goods to be checked and accepted by the destination country. Some countries, such as Portugal and Macedonia, always require a Certificate of Origin. Others occasionally ask for them even if their not a part of their standard regulations.

The Certification Process

Certificates of Operation at CannaEx Trades

To get a Certificate of Origin, these steps must be completed:

1. A manufacturer’s affidavit must be completed and notarised.

2. You must obtain an invoice for the goods from the supplier.

3. Fill out the certificate of origin document.

4. Present the manufacturer’s affidavit, the invoice and the certificate of origin document to the chamber of commerce.

5. The documents will be reviewed and stamped.

Phytosanitary Certified

How Can CannaEx Trades Help?

  • CannaEx Trades (Sensible Gifts Ltd) is registered with the Rural Payments Agency.
  • We can arrange for Certificates of Origin to be produced in the UK.
  • We will contact the Chamber of Commerce and provide them with proof of where we sourced the seeds.

I have worked with Paul Delorde for some years now in my role as Managing Director at Resin Seeds. When I 1st called him up out of the blue, he had no reason to offer me any assistance; but he took the time to listen to my proposal and offer me his help in getting my project pushed forward. Without Pauls help, my company would not be able to achieve the growth we have had in the last few years. His knowledge of international logistics, lab testing, and current trends in the cannabis marketplace have aided me tremendously.

Jaime Carrion ( Resin Seeds )

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