Our Partners

CannaEx Trades have partnered with some of the best suppliers of cannabis related equipment and tools worldwide. They offer our clients the most efficient tools and services to ensure the best results from commercial grows.


GrowerIQ is a robust, new cannabis seed to sale software platform that helps Canadian licensed producers lower their operating costs, while improving strain quality and consistency. With Canadian recreational legalization upon us, licensed producers must now find ways to reduce cost-per-gram, while cultivating brand loyalty to stand out. 

This compliant cannabis cultivation management platform, designed in partnership with Master Grower Shlomo Booklin, is the first platform to integrate all facility systems, including sensors, controls, QMS and ERP, into a single interface.

Insights from Shlomo’s 30+ years of agronomist experience were built in the software.

GrowerIQ leverages proprietary machine learning technology to automate your facility and provide quality boosting cultivation insights. GrowerIQ changes the way cultivators use software – transforming a regulatory requirement into a platform to learn, analyze, and improve crop performance.

Gemma Cert

The GemmaCert patented solution, is used in over 20 countries. This genius little descktop machine delivers reliable cannabis and hemp composition and potency readings straight to your smartphone or desktop computer – all without harming your cannabis bud’s efficacy or value. GemmaCert combines 3 state-of-the-art technologies; NIR spectrometry, image analysis, and machine learning, to bring you fast and reliable results, accurate to +/- 10% of HPLC results. No special skills or training are required. 

It is all about batch consistency, not single flower accuracy

The industry standard testing, HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) can be very accurate (if conducted by a skilled technician, on a calibrated device). But what if you unknowingly test the least potent flower in your batch? Ultimately, to achieve a mean figure for an entire batch, you must average the results of multiple tests – a time consuming and costly method. 

Quick, affordable testing by GemmaCert delivers what no laboratory can: better assessment of potency variance with more frequent sample analysis.

FInd out more about Gemmacert here… and if you mention CannaEx Trades when purchasing, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Free suitcase
  • 3 months free subscription
  • Free shipping.



Cannabis-Drying.com, a subsidiary of a Dutch-based privately-owned company, founded in 1974.

Playing a substantial role in the supply and innovation of first-class storing and drying machinery for agricultural products.

Groundbreaking techniques have been developed and implemented on industrial scales for the drying and storing of flower bulbs, seed, garlic and cannabis / hemp.

Saving both time & money

Thousands of aricultural businesses have benefited from cannabis-drying.com’s innovative engineering mastery. The company supply over 50 countries in all six continents with storage and drying equipment; from multi-billion dollar stock listed companies to local farms.

Saving Medical & recreational

The cannabis drying solutions from Cannabis-Drying.com are used by growers worldwide for both the medical and recreational cannabis markets.

To find out more please visit Cannabis-Drying.com.


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