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CannaEx Trades, experts in the worldwide trading of high-quality cannabis products.

We offer premium hemp cultivars, bespoke genetics, and a range of stable cannabis varieties, including feminized, regular, automatic, fast-flowering, and CBD-rich seeds.

Our mission.

To provide import and export solutions to cannabis businesses worldwide.

Why CannaEx?

Drawing on a vast pool of industry knowledge and experience, we provide import and export advice, as well as vital documentation and certification, such as phytosanitary and seed purity certificates.


I have worked with Paul Delorde for some years now in my role as Managing Director at Resin Seeds. When I 1st called him up out of the blue, he had no reason to offer me any assistance; but he took the time to listen to my proposal and offer me his help in getting my project pushed forward. Without Pauls help, my company would not be able to achieve the growth we have had in the last few years. His knowledge of international logistics, lab testing, and current trends in the cannabis marketplace have aided me tremendously.

Jaime Carrion ( Resin Seeds )

Reasons To Use CannaEx Trades


CannaEx Trades is the only UK company with all the government licenses necessary for the worldwide sale and transport of cannabis and hemp genetics.


With a wealth of inside knowledge and numerous beneficial partnerships, CannaEx Trades can give you unprecedented access to resources that usually take years to acquire.


With CannaEx Trades you will get preferential rates from our partner companies and significant discounts on all wholesale purchases.

I am the founder and MD of a pharmaceutically focused medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company. I have personally been dealing with Paul from CannaEx Trades since 2019. CannaEx Trades are the most professional genetics company I have come across to date. Their overall service, range of genetics and knowledge of import/export processes are second to none. We are delighted to be working with CannaEx and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sharon Bentley ( Medical Cannabis Australia (MCA) )

Our Services

Cannabis Seedling
  • Quad Grade Genetics
  • Stable Cannabis Seeds
  • Stable Hemp Seeds
Cannabis Flower
  • Dried Flower
  • Cannabis Extracts
  • Exclusive Genetics
CBD Oil Extract
  • Hemp Flower
  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Isolates/ Extracts
Air Freight - Plane being loaded
  • Specialist Contractors
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Administration
Cannabis Consultancy


  • New Business Advice
  • GMP Accreditation
  • Experienced Team
Phytosanitary Certified
  • The Correct Certification
  • Simple Customs Clearing
  • Accessing Testing
Lab Test Cannabis

Lab Testing

  • Strain Testing
  • Seed Testing
  • Testing Equipment
Seed Purity

Seed Purity

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Access Certification
  • Connect With Experts

As the Cultivation Director at a medical cannabis growing facility, I have utilised the technical knowledge of Paul from CannaEx Trades to put in place the legal framework to make ground in the formal market. With Paul Delorde you are in good hands, with some of the most competent people in the industry.

David Roque ( Labat Healthcare )

The CannaEx Trades Expert Team

Paul Delorde Headshot

Paul Delorde

Active within the cannabis sphere for over 20 years, I created CannaEx Trades to bring like-minded people together and help them realise their ambitions.
With my finger on the pulse of market trends, I'm at the cutting edge of the cannabis industry.
Always happy to advise and engage with you in person and create lasting relationships.
Phil Kivington Headshot
Specialist Genetic Breeder

Phil Kilvington

Over the last 40 years, Phil has developed one of the largest THC-based genetic libraries on the planet. He has also helped several large seed companies and distributors set up their marketing strategies and with sourcing the right genetics.  

Phil is heavily involved in new technology used to streamline the agricultural industry using A.I. to monitor crop performance, pests and security.

He and his team have produced the only AOSCA certified Hemp CBD and CBG genetics in the USA and the only commercially available CBD-CBG 1:1 ratio strain available.

Almero Bourbon Headshot
Cannabis Cultivation Specialist

Almero Bourbon

A qualified Systems Engineer who has owned and operated companies designing and rolling out large enterprise projects throughout Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. Eight years ago he chnaged direction to work with his first love, cannabis and cannabis genetics.

Almero has developed ground breaking aeroponic technology and hydroponics systems for commercial grow operations. During this time he has completed various Cannabis diplomas at Doane Nebraska and biosciences through MIT.

He has established a vast repository of innovative technology that automates cannabis cultivation.

Benedict Denham Headshot
Founder MMGenetics

Benedict Denham

An experienced cannabis private investor, who has been investing in European legal cannabis start-ups since 2014  after a number of years spent researching and networking across the sector.

He brings knowledge, experience and a strong network in Europe and globally. He was a cornerstone investor in Plena, a South American low-cost medical cannabis producer listed in Canada.

Shlomo Booklin Headshot
Owner at S Booklin Consulting (SBC)

Shlomo Booklin

Shlomo has 35-years of experience around the world, including the prestigious position of Master Grower for Tilray and MedReleaf in Canada. This was followed by European Cannabis companies in Portugal, Greece, Macedonia and other international projects in Barbados, Colombia, South Africa, Germany, Australia (3.5 years) and Portugal (10 years in a large production facility).
This remarkable career allowed him to become familiar with high standards of GACP and EU-GMP, organic and sustainable gardening practices as well as every aspect of Horticulture, Floriculture and Ornamentals.
David Camici Headshot
Cannabis Industry Expert

David Camici

Now with over 20 years experience in the creation, production and management of cannabis brands.

Working with the top breeders in Canada, United States, Spain and the Netherlands to bring the latest in cannabis genetics to the worldwide market place.

Justin Rudd Headshot
Genetic Specialist

Justin Rudd

Justin (MA Cantab) has over 20 years of distribution experience, managing the operations of one of the largest wholesalers in the Europe.

Over this time he has built up an extensive network of contacts, primarily focusing on plant genetics and seeds.

Ricardo Gili Headshot
CEO MMGenetics

Ricardo Gili

International hands-on entrepreneur, and business leader, with more than 15 years of experience in corporate development and strategy functions in large European corporations. He has also held senior leadership roles in international market development.

Founder of Meteo 273º, the first worldwide social media network focused on meteorology.

Pascal Peren Headshot
Founder Irie Seeds

Pascal Peren

Pascal is an experienced and seasoned entrepreneur from the Netherlands. Founder of companies in both the global import/export industry as well as in marketing and publishing. 

Over 30 years ago Pascal made his first steps in the Dutch cannabis industry. After working in numerous roles, he brings a broad range of experience to the CannaEx Trades team.

Kelayne O'Leary Headshot
Customer Relations

Kelayne O'Leary

A customer relations manager throughout my career - I have found my niche working with fellow cannabis enthusiasts!
I manage Sensible Seeds and work closely with the major seed banks, developing great rapports over the last 15 years.
Passionate about drug law reform I engage with Govt Agencies and Pharma companies to educate and advise on medical cannabis research.

We are working with CannaEx Trades on various projects in the United Kingdom and other territories. They are our partners of choice because of their ethical, scientific and professional approach to solving the challenges the industry faces in bringing social and economic benefits of the cannabis plant to the wider community.

Ricardo Gili (CEO) ( MM Genetics )

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