Cannabis Distribution

At CannaEx Trades, we work closely with licenced producers and cultivators to bring their products to market.

We are regular distributors of:

CBD flower, THC flower, cannabis extracts, cannabis genetics and hemp cultivars.

We have an extensive global network of trusted and approved buyers, and we utilize various global cannabis trading platforms.


Start Up Business?

Are you just starting a new cannabis business? Our team can provide you with the best industry knowledge and expertise to get you set up quickly and efficiently.

We can provide advice on the best genetics suited to your environment, help with your GMP accreditation and offer distribution support.


Our expert team at CannaEx Trades negotiate on your behalf, securing the best deals we can; and our legal team ensure that sales agreements safeguard your interests, all in the strictest confidence.

We closely follow global cannabis market trends and offer consultation as to what will be in demand for the year ahead. Our clients are able to grow to spec and have potential buyers ready to trade.