Government Licenses

Government Licenses for Cannabis and Hemp Seeds

To legally import and export cannabis and hemp seeds you must meet many legal requirements. To do this you will need the correct licenses, account numbers and memberships. Applying for these licenses can be a long and costly process, but at CannaEx Trades we’ve already got all the licenses necessary to ship your cannabis or hemp seeds internationally.

Phytosanitary Certified

What is a Government License?

Government licenses allow the bearer to apply for documents and services linked to restricted or controlled products. To transport cannabis seeds internationally you need to comply with agricultural policy and achieve the requirements of both the destination and origin countries.

Possessing the correct government licenses provides:

  • A faster application process for necessary documents.
  • Recognition that the holder has already met the requirements for cannabis seed import and export.
  • A proven track record of completing every stage of UK import and export processes.

When are Government Licenses Required?

Government licenses are required at almost every stage of the import and export process for the legal transport of cannabis seeds. There are various licenses that give you permission to take the steps necessary to complete and receive certificates of origin for your seeds. They’re also necessary to arrange the required inspections and connections to receive phytosanitary certification.

CannaEx Trades Government Licensed

Which Government Licenses Does CannaEx Trades Hold?

CannaEx Trades currently holds the following licenses, accounts and memberships:

Common Agricultural Policy – We are one of very few UK companies to hold this license. This allows us to legally and compliantly import cannabis and hemp seeds into the UK. If one of our seed imports is inspected by customs it will be released without issue.

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) APHA is the government agency responsible for inspecting our premises and collecting the seed samples required for phytosanitary testing. Once they’ve completed the inspection they send the seeds to Fera Science before issuing the phytosanitary certificates. APHA enact this authority on behalf of the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Fera Science – Our account with Fera Science allows us to arrange for any of the many scientific tests required for the import and export of cannabis seeds. They can test for any disease or contaminant required by the destination country for legal agricultural import.   

I am the founder and MD of a pharmaceutically focused medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company. I have personally been dealing with Paul from CannaEx Trades since 2019. CannaEx Trades are the most professional genetics company I have come across to date. Their overall service, range of genetics and knowledge of import/export processes are second to none. We are delighted to be working with CannaEx and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sharon Bentley ( Medical Cannabis Australia (MCA) )

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