GMP Certification

Good Manufacturing Practices Certification

Do you want your products to reach an international market? We can help you achieve the EU Good Manufacturing Practices certification. This globally recognised standard will demonstrate your high standards of quality and safety to retailers and customers.

GMP Certified

What is a GMP Certificate?

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate is an internationally recognised standard used for the manufacture of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.

It provides official verification that a company is using processes that follow the standards required by the relevant government and industry agencies. Inspections are carried out by the designated authority in the country of manufacture.

Achieving GMP standards demonstrates:

  • The integrity of your manufacturing processes.
  • That your premises have been formally inspected.
  • That you’re compliant with food safety regulations.
  • That your products are consistently produced according to quality standards.

When is EU GMP Certification Required?

It’s mandatory for any manufacturer intending to import products into the EU to achieve GMP certification. Even if you don’t intend to import into an EU member state it’s still the gold standard mark of manufacturing practices.

This is an essential certificate for any company aiming to sell their products internationally, particularly if you handle, store and pack cannabis or cannabis extracts.

The GMP Certification Process

GMP Certification at CannaEx Trades

To achieve certification, these steps must be completed:

1. Prepare the documents requested by the licensing authority.

2. Submit the documents to the European licensing authority.

3. Book the site inspection.

4. Visited by the authorised representative and complete the inspection.

5. Receive the inspection report.

6. GMP certification is issued.

Phytosanitary Certified

We are working with CannaEx Trades on various projects in the United Kingdom and other territories. They are our partners of choice because of their ethical, scientific and professional approach to solving the challenges the industry faces in bringing social and economic benefits of the cannabis plant to the wider community.

Ricardo Gili (CEO) ( MM Genetics )

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