Stable Strains (Quad. grade) – Automatics

Automatic flowering seeds, or auto-flowers, contain many of the same characteristics as feminized seeds. One main difference is that they will begin to flower after a set period of time.

Whereas photoperiod varieties require a change in light periods, specifically less sunlight or artificial light, to act as a catalyst in getting the plants to flower, automatic varieties will flower based on age, regardless of light periods.

Though the yields per plants may be lower, these seeds are typically faster and easier to grow. They combine the stability and potency of strains into one genetically-modified package that boast quality and speed.

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Our Guarantee

These genetics have been developed and tested over the last
three years by specialist breeders to ensure stability, viability
and performance.

This range is exclusive and not available to the general retail
market. We sell only to professional growers, established
companies and breeders.

All these strains come with a guarantee of performance, which
means if there are any issues with germination, we will rectify and
replace. We stand behind the quality these genetics and expect
germination rates of 99% plus. Should any issue arise, contact us
and we will arrange replacement seeds at no extra cost.

At CannaEx Trades, we offer a premium range of some of the best fast-flowering cannabis seeds available on the market.

Fast-flowering seeds differ from automatic seeds, in that fast-flowers are photoperiod (dependent on less sunlight or artificial light to flower), whereas automatic varieties will flower within a specific timeframe.

All our fast-flowering cannabis seeds are feminized, to ensure they only produce female plants. They grow at a much faster pace than regular or feminized seeds, without compromising on the size of the yields.

Not to be confused with Automatics, theses will grow female plants
at a quicker pace without sacrificing go

With the fast-flowering varieties we have here at CannaEx Trades, you get the speed of an automatic variety, but with the added bonus of larger yields and greater control over flowering time.

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Stable Strains – Automatics

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