Seed Purity Certificate

All cannabis seeds for export and import to and from, or between EU member states, will require a seed purity certificate prior to shipping and customs clearance.

A seed purity certificate is an important official certificate which shows authorities that the goods for export and import have been tested, and confirmed to be free of harmful pests and plant diseases.

All seed orders for export from CannaEx Trades are required to have either phytosanitary or a seed purity certificate.

For cannabis seed export and import for non-EU member states, a Phytosanitary Certificate is required instead – see here for more information.


The Seed Purity Certification Process


The Food and Environment Agency will test each strain of seed, and return to us with the seed purity certification once complete. This takes around 7 working days.   Our Charges CannaEx Trades charges a flat £78 per strain for testing. The issue of the seed purity certificate is £45.   For exporting and importing cannabis seeds between non-EU countries, you will need a Phytosanitary Certificate.

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