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Founded on the principles of genetic excellence and sustainability, Phylos Bioscience has swiftly positioned itself at the forefront of the cannabis genetics industry. With a mission to revolutionize how cannabis is grown, processed, and perceived, the company has introduced groundbreaking advancements in seed technology and genomics research.

Recently, Phylos Bioscience announced a strategic partnership with CannaEx Trades that exemplifies its commitment to industry-leading practices and signals a transformative shift in cannabis cultivation methodologies. This collaboration aims to leverage Phylos’ genetic research and sustainable cultivation practices to set new benchmarks for quality, efficiency, and environmental stewardship in the cannabis sector.

In this article, we will examine the potential impact of the combination of Phylos Bioscience and CannaEx Trades on the industry. Damon Hess from Phylos Bioscience offered an insider’s perspective on the company’s technology, research, and vision for the future of cannabis cultivation.

Who is Phylos Bioscience

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Phylos Bioscience specializes in advancing cannabis cultivation through genetic research and innovation. The company focuses on developing high-quality, stable, and fully feminized F1 hybrid seeds to improve the efficiency, yield, and quality of cannabis production. These seeds enable growers to produce plants with consistent traits, including superior flower quality, potency, and resilience.

Phylos is dedicated to enhancing grower productivity and exploring new cannabinoid profiles for potential health benefits, contributing significantly to the industry’s growth and the development of safer, more effective cannabis products. Through its rigorous research and development efforts, Phylos is at the forefront of genetic innovation in cannabis, striving to meet the evolving needs of both cultivators and consumers.

We Spoke to Damon Hess

Damon Hess started at Phylos Bioscience in 2018, as the company pivoted from genetic testing to helping cannabis companies transition from clones to seeds. As Phylos introduced new stabilized seed lines from their advanced breeding program, Damon was on the front line, assisting customers with their seed trials and new product launches. That work has expanded significantly over the past year, as the early adopters of seed-based production have been joined by fast followers looking to get in on the cost savings seeds provide.

Q: What is Phylos’ unique approach and vision?

A: Phylos Bioscience uniquely champions seed-based cannabis cultivation, offering an innovative alternative to traditional clone-based methods. Our vision is to leverage feminized F1 hybrid seeds to enhance cultivation efficiency, consistency, and pest resistance. Through non-GMO, marker-assisted selection, we aim to advance the industry towards sustainable and scalable practices, setting new standards for genetic innovation and environmental stewardship in cannabis cultivation.

Q: How does Phylos’ approach to seed-based cultivation differ from traditional clone-based methods?

A: Phylos has revolutionized the approach to cannabis cultivation by shifting from traditional clone-based methods to seed-based cultivation. Our process is rooted in developing production-ready, stable, feminized seeds that offer a scalable and efficient alternative for cultivators. Unlike clones, which require meticulous care and constant threat management, seeds from Phylos ensure that every plant grown will exhibit uniform characteristics, mirroring the consistency one would expect from cloning, but with the added benefits of vigor and resistance to pests and diseases, specifically HLVd. This change is made possible by our method of carefully selecting the best plant traits without using GMOs, a process that has taken years of focused research and careful breeding to get right.

Q: Can you elaborate on the specific benefits of production-ready seeds regarding consistency and scalability?

A: Our production-ready seeds eliminate the need for growers to maintain mother stock or engage in pheno-hunting, significantly reducing labor and resources. This means that growers can confidently sow the seeds, knowing the resulting plants will be consistent and uniform. For scalability, operations can expand more quickly and efficiently, as our seeds allow for immediate cultivation of high-performing cultivars, ensuring every plant is identical in growth, appearance, and yield potential. This level of consistency and efficiency is a game-changer for the industry.

Q: What are the most significant challenges in cannabis genomics that Phylos is currently addressing?

A: One of the most formidable challenges we’re tackling is the complexity of creating true F1 hybrids that are commercially viable and genetically stable. The cannabis genome presents unique challenges due to its diversity and the historical lack of selective breeding practices. We’re also addressing the eradication of pathogens like the Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), leveraging genetic innovation to develop plants resistant to such pathogens and exhibit reduced transmission rates.

Q: Can you provide more details on your sustainability initiatives, particularly regarding energy use and pesticide reduction?

A: Sustainability is a cornerstone of our operations. Our commitment to reducing energy use and pesticide application is evident in our focus on outdoor and mixed-light cultivation varieties, which are less resource-intensive and offer improved yield and resilience. This approach aligns with our broader sustainability goals to minimize environmental impact while enhancing production efficiency and crop health.

Q: Are there any recent developments or new projects that Phylos is involved in?

A: Recently, we’ve expanded our focus on rare cannabinoid research and development, aiming to introduce new varieties that offer enhanced benefits for consumers and growers alike. Additionally, our sustainability initiatives are growing, with new strategies to reduce our environmental footprint further and support our planet’s health.

How CannaEx Trades Can Help

Partnering with CannaEx Trades gives you a special entrance into Phylos Bioscience and its groundbreaking work in genetics and eco-friendly farming methods. This partnership isn’t just about working together but lifting the entire cannabis growing scene. By bringing Phylos’ top-notch seed tech and wide-ranging support to growers, we’re here to meet the needs of today’s farmers. Damon Hess says, “Our partnership with CannaEx Trades shows our commitment to helping growers excel with our high-quality seeds, boosting their operations and the consistency of their crops.”

This partnership is grounded in shared goals of innovation and support, ensuring that growers have all they need to flourish. “CannaEx Trades helps us deliver our newest genetic discoveries straight to the farmers,” says Damon. Growers get seeds that yield more and are tougher, eco-friendly, and less impactful on the planet. Our support goes beyond providing seeds, aiming to improve farming methods, plant health, and profits for growers.


Talking with Damon Hess highlights how Phylos Bioscience is changing the cannabis industry with its focus on genetic innovation, commitment to green practices, and comprehensive grower support. “We aim to fully unlock cannabis’s potential through science and eco-consciousness,” Damon states. “Partnering with CannaEx Trades means we can reach more growers and give them the tools they need to succeed in a changing market.”

Phylos is redefining cannabis cultivation with its scientific breakthroughs. “We imagine a future where growing cannabis means efficiency, sustainability, and unmatched product quality,” shares Damon. This collaboration with CannaEx Trades is a key move toward that future, placing growers at the cutting edge of the cannabis growing revolution.

As Phylos Bioscience forges ahead with new developments in cannabis genetics and farming tech, its alliance with CannaEx Trades marks an exciting time for growers. By merging advanced science with eco-friendly approaches, Phylos isn’t just envisioning a better future for cannabis cultivation; they’re actively making it happen, opening up new possibilities for growers everywhere.

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