A unique offering of medical strains with consistently high levels of CBD.




Who are they?

MMGenetics is a global leader in the creation of cannabis genetics. They offer;

  • A range of genetic products (seeds/clones) from traditional plant breeding up to the most sophisticated laboratory techniques and formulations.
  • A bespoke design service to save companies on processing/extraction costs.


Why use MMGenetics?

MMgenetics offers a unique menu of cannabinoids and terpenes with over 30 years of research experience in genetic architecture.

The MMGenetics library contains various minor cannabinoids and terpenes in exclusive ratios, designed to provide a bespoke and accurate composition.


Who is MMGenetics for?

MMGenetics is for anyone who is looking for predictable, reliable, stable, robust, terpene-rich genetics already proven over multiple growth cycles in industrial settings.


How can we help?

  • CannaEx Trades is the exclusive distribution partner for the MMG range.
  • We can access preferential discounted pricing
  • We will organise any transactions and the logistics process on your behalf.
  • Access to certified cannabis varieties (non-hemp).
  • Phytosanitary certification for delivery in Latin America (via Colombia).
  • Bespoke genetic design via their scientific division.
  • Arrange direct consultation and introductions to the MMG team.

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