A seed breeding company that provides genetics, products and expertise from inception to completion.




Who are they?

GenoFarms are an international seed bank with offices in the UK and South Carolina.

They have a broad range of stable genetic lines and specialise in strains with high THC or high CBD.


Why use GenoFarms?

GenoFarms offer a range of products and services that are designed to support cannabis businesses from the first idea until the moment that the products are sold.

Their seeds are carefully harvested from plants with exceptional genetics and they can be bought in bulk. They can also help you source extracts and flower or help you set up plant monitoring systems.


Who are GenoFarms' services for?

GenoFarms offers services for everyone no matter what size your business is. However, they're particularly useful if you want to upscale and produce cannabis on a commercial level.


How can we help?

  • CannaEx Trades is the exclusive distribution partner for the GenoFarms range.
  • Preferential access to discounted pricing.
  • We can organise any transactions and the logistics on your behalf.
  • Genetic registration.
  • Bespoke genetic design with their scientific division.
  • Arrange direct consultation and introductions to the GenoFarms team

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