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Ace Seeds


Who are they?

Ace Seeds is a collective of breeders and growers located in Spain.

Ace Seeds are passionate about maintaining the quality and genetic diversity of global cannabis strains. They offer an exceptional catalog of many of the best cannabis strains featuring everything from landrace varieties to modern hybrids.

As well as providing many of their own strains, Ace Seeds also works in collaboration with a broad range of other breeders to bring you the most exceptional genetics from around the world.


Why use Ace Seeds?

To succeed in the cannabis industry, high-quality genetics are non-negotiable. Ace Seeds have worked to preserve many of the world’s best strains and to introduce and exceptional collection of exciting new hybrids.

They also provide detailed testing and analysis of many varieties making it easy for you to match them to your setup, climate and requirements.


Who are Ace Seeds services for?

Ace Seeds is the destination of any grower looking to bypass poor genetic diversity and purchase stabilized landrace strains or innovative new hybrids.

Whether you’re an experienced commercial cultivator or a first-time home grower, Ace Seeds has the genetics you need to make your next grow a success.


How can we help?

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