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With a constantly expanding global cannabis market, being able to successfully export cannabis seeds is more important than ever.

Since legalising cannabis for medicinal use in 2015, Colombia has fast become a key player in the worldwide export of cannabis products, including seeds. The UK and EU, on the other hand, are significant importers of cannabis seeds, both for use in the UK/EU and to be sold on or exported to further destinations.

This article will introduce the process of exporting cannabis seeds from Colombia to the UK/EU. It will also explore the challenges faced during import/export and make suggestions on how to make the process much simpler.

How to Export Cannabis Seeds from Colombia?

Since the Colombian Ministries of Justice, Agriculture and Trade signed Resolution 539 in 2022, foreign trade for plant components, including cannabis seeds, is legal but carefully regulated. Exporters must have the correct government authorisations and precisely follow the procedures set out for the legal exportation of cannabis-related products.

For most companies or individuals looking to export cannabis seeds from Colombia, the process will involve the following stages:

  1. Obtain the correct permits and permissions for export – All cannabis seed exporters must first obtain an export permit. The permit demonstrates that you’ve met all the necessary requirements for the legal export of cannabis seeds.
  2. Work with a reputable Colombian seed producer – To successfully export your seeds from Colombia and then import them into the UK, they must meet the high-quality standards required in both countries. The seeds must come with certification or confirmation that they’re not genetically modified, are properly labelled and contain no harmful contaminants.
  3. Arrange for shipment and transportation – To navigate the challenges faced when exporting Cannabis seeds from Colombia, it’s essential that you have a reliable shipping partner with experience in transporting similar agricultural products. They must adhere to international shipping regulations and have all the required permits and certifications.

What Must an Importer Do?

To meet strict UK/EU regulations and successfully get your cannabis seeds through customs, there are four main stages you must complete:

1. Register as an importer – In the UK, registering as an importer on the government IT system (IPAFFS) is an essential first step. IPAFFS notifies UK authorities of your intent to import and must be used for imports of various goods including cannabis seeds, plants, plant products and animals. In the EU, importers must apply for an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number. At CannaEx Trades we also hold a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) license, making us a fully licensed importer of cannabis and hemp seeds.

2. Compile all necessary documents – Before your shipment leaves Colombia bound for the UK or EU, you must arrange for the completion of all necessary documents, which could include the below:

3. Pre-notify of shipment – Once you have all the necessary permits and documents and are ready to export your cannabis seeds from Colombia to the UK/EU, you must notify HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK or provide an Entry Summary Declaration in the EU. This should be completed at least four hours before the shipment arrives in the UK or EU if transported by air and one day before, for all other methods of shipment.

4. Pack the shipment correctly – Correctly packing the seeds keeps them secure and provides customs with easy access to all the necessary documentation. This makes it quicker for authorities to recognise correctly authorised shipments, speeding up the process and ensuring your seeds reach their destination. The original signed documents should be enclosed within the sealed box in a clearly labelled envelope.

How CannaEx Trades Make This Process Easy

Exporting cannabis seeds from Colombia to the UK or EU is a lengthy process with multiple stages. Both exporting seeds from Colombia and importing them into the UK, require numerous permissions, authorisations, inspections and documents. Parcels of seeds that aren’t sent correctly or don’t have the necessary documentation are likely to be seized and may never reach their destination. The best way to manage these challenges is to work with an experienced partner, like CannaEx Trades, we are already well-established in Colombia, the EU and the UK.

CannaEx Trades has an extensive network of partners in Columbia and long history of successfully transporting cannabis and hemp seeds into the UK and EU. We work closely with many high-quality seed producers in Colombia and already have all the government-approved licenses necessary for import and export. Not only does CannaEx Trades offer a worry-free solution to exporting your seeds from Colombia to the UK or EU, but we’re also perfectly placed to arrange for any necessary ongoing shipping from the UK/EU to destinations such as other EU countries or Thailand.

Because CannaEx Trades is already registered with the necessary agencies and partners, we’re one of the very few companies that can offer a streamlined way to export cannabis seeds from Colombia to the UK/EU.  To find out more, reach out to us at the contact details below or via the contact form.