Bespoke Cannabis Seeds

The eagerly anticipated future of cannabis genetics and designer strains is finally here. At CannaEx Trades, we believe that bespoke genetics is going to revolutionize the cannabis industry in the not-too-distant future.

With a growing understanding of cannabis genetics, it is now possible to create bespoke strains that only produce the traits that are associated with specific genes.

From terpenes to cannabinoid content, from leaves to flowers, we have never before been in such a prime position to create advanced tailor-made plants, which can be customized based on unique desires and requirements.

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In Partnership with MM Genetics

MM Genetics

MM Genetics can offer our clients a very unique menu of cannabinoids and terpene profiles.

With more than 30 years of professional research and development experience in genetic architecture, MMG are experts in minor cannabinoids. Together with a focus on pushing the boundaries in cannabis seed research and development.

Exact chemistry profiles can reduce cost in downstream processing.

The MMG genetic library provides minor cannabinoid and terpene profiles in exclusive ratios. These are designed to provide a bespoke and accurate composition – a must-have for commercial growers.

Genetic Excellence & Proven Success

Highest known consistent ratios in a CBD-rich seed strain ever created in Europe to date.

Additional 12 elite strains using CD-1 as a parent.

Independent lab assessments lead selection.

Two dominant phenotypes allow flexibility.

Grown in a GMP facility, cannabinoid levels remain high and consistent.

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